What Is Auslogics BoostSpeed 6?

What Is Auslogics BoostSpeed 6?

ThinkThe Auslogics BoostSpeed 6 is a software program designed by an Australian-founded company known as the Auslogics Software Pty Ltd. It is currently available only to Windows users. The software is very popular among computer users because of its functions that promise to clean the whole computer drive, scan and repair errors in the registry, delete unnecessary files and folders, defragment the registry and disks, and generally speed up the Internet. Another function that consumers love is the software’s ability to automatically configure the operating system’s settings in such a way as to improve the speed of a currently running program. Long-time users of the Auslogics BoostSpeed 6 also take note that the software noticeably shortened the time it usually takes for their computers to start up and shut down.

The Auslogics BoostSpeed 6 can be installed in several languages, and it is currently being upgraded to add more functions to its maintenance programs. One manufacturer in Hong Kong, named the ZOTAC, produces mini-computers that have already been installed with the latest versions of the Auslogics BoostSpeed.

Like many computer software available on the Internet today, the Auslogics BootSpeed 6 can be bought and downloaded directly from the Internet. Those who have yet to decide whether they want to purchase it or not have the option to download a trial version, although a few Auslogics Boostspeed review says that this trial version is too limited and inconvenient. Thus, it is recommended to buy the licensed version to see what this software can do.

The Auslogics BoostSpeed 6 is one of the few software products that have become the Editor’s Pick of credible software sites, such as Ensoft and CNET. It comes highly recommended by long-time users as well, simply because the product is easy to use with its simple user interface. Each of the functions is separated by tabs, and the user only needs to click on a single button to execute commands like scan the entire computer system for infection, delete dangerous entries and data, and fix known issues. Aside from that, the product gives specific details that the user may find very important, such as the percentage of used memory in the hard drive, the exact number and name of infected files and folders, and a list of data that can still be recovered. All of this information is cataloged in an orderly fashion.

Why Auslogics BoostSpeed 6 Is Worth Its Price

Why Auslogics BoostSpeed 6 Is Worth Its Price

One of the things that most often stop people from taking a closer look at programs like Auslogics BoostSpeed 6 is the tendency we all have towards reduction.  We ask what a program’s about and we get, more often than not, a reductive answer.  In the case of Auslogics BoostSpeed 6, the answer I myself got was pretty reductive indeed.


“Oh, it’s a disk defragmenter package.”

Which really didn’t give me a sense of urgency to try it out, for all that I needed it (as I discovered later on).  Disk defragmenters, after all, come a dime a dozen—and in most operating systems nowadays, they even come as freebies.  Why was I going to pay for just another glorified disk defragmenter when I had a perfectly functional one running on my Windows computer?

Anyone who has given BoostSpeed 6 a try, though, knows that the software is far more than a disk defragmenter.  Yes, we could say it’s also a package with a Registry Defrag tool, a Registry Cleaner, a Disk Wiper, and so on and so forth, but most people will end up just focusing on the individual tools within the package again if we do that.  Better to say that it’s more than just these things and is a complete set of tools for system optimization and maintenance—and a set with tools that work excellently, at that.

That’s the real draw of BoostSpeed 6, from what I’ve seen: even though there are in fact free alternatives to the tools it packs in its box, there are hardly any (free) ones that come close to its tools’ performance, at the end of the day… and even its non-freebie competitors are often not nearly as effective or convenient as it is.  Its Disk Defrag, for instance, kicks every other disk defrag tool I’ve tested in the butt, clocking in insane speeds while keeping its footprint as regards computer resource usage the size of a pinprick.  Windows Disk Defragmenter isn’t bad, true, but it hardly touched the Auslogics tool.  The same for nearly every other tool I tried in the package’s arsenal.  They performed optimization of the system with minimal resource usage, which is always a plus in my book.

 Auslogics BoostSpeed 6 is worthwhile for that very simple reason.  If you want a great Disk Defragmenter, a great Registry Cleaner, a great Registry Defragmenter, and so on—and you want all of these things in one handy package, accessible from a single program or window on your screen—you shouldn’t think twice about paying for BoostSpeed 6.  It delivers in more ways than one, giving you super speed with super effectiveness.  And to add more, there’s a Auslogics Boostspeed discount given so buy your copy now!