Awesome Kefir Blog!

Awesome Kefir Blog!

Kefir Blog

Hi I’m back and I got something good! Today’s special featured about fermented milk called kefir!

I just found this fermented milk in our local store and have some free taste of it, it taste almost like yogurt but the catch was… healthier and better than yogurt!

I really found it fascinating and when home and start researching about it!

I immediately open my computer,visit Google and type benefits of kefir. I read lot of information and got amaze!

I saw some groups in facebook such as LifeWay and OakTree, talking and sharing about their experiences and tips!

I looked around and found some more interesting site and found out about a site own by a person called Sandra. The site was all about kefir benefits, recipes, stories and more! Pretty nice indeed. If ever you wish to start doing your kefir, you can buy kefir grains and create your own supply!

That’s all for today, I hope our future will be good.

Merry Christmas To All!

I’ll keep posting as much as I can. =)

It’s a Baby Blog!

It’s a Baby Blog!

Today’s featured story? A baby blog from the Philippines!

I found them on Google+ the other day. It’s a pretty cool site where the mom and the dad are talking about their future daughter, their plans, their experiences and tips!

I find it really fascinating. They reserved a domain for their soon to be born daughter. That alone is worth a lot and as with the theme of this blog, it’s the future of the story.

I looked around and found some other pictures but this one was part of their maternity shoot. It looks awesome.

Maternity Shoot

Pretty cool indeed. Take a look at their other pages while you are at it.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram

PS. I loved this post for Fathers. Be sure to check them out!

Next up! Maybe I’ll cover a business. Maybe another blog. Who knows! If you want to get featured, let me know!

I’ll also try to make it a bit longer next time! :)

Cleaning up the site

Cleaning up the site

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I last came back.

im back

When I first started blogging here, I wanted to put up content about what the future holds.

I lost track and did my own thing first but now I’m back.

So now, my intention is to gather up some cool blogs that I find. Those that tell a GREAT story about what they are doing and where they are headed. Basically, the FUTURE of their STORIES!

I don’t plan to make money off this blog. I just want to spread the word of the great bloggers out there that are really doing something special.

So if you are one of my past readers, please subscribe. I’ll have my first post out soon!